Cabri Cemetery Committee would like to thank the following for their generous donations this year:

  • Gary and Sharon Braaten
  • Gordon & Theresa Johnson
  • David & Cheryl Thomson
  • William Karwandy
  • Joan Kaake
  • Jim & Darlene Purdy
  • Jim & Colleen Wallis
  • Cabri Seniors Co-operative

The following donations were made in Memory of Elaine Levorson

  • Yelva Mickelson
    Bev and Don Baldwin
    Robert and Marion Oldhaver
    Norma Pederson
    Fern & Larry Bang
    Donald & Jane Petersen
    Verol Smith & Tammy Anderson
    Dawson Smith
    Clayton, Paulette, GC & Family
    Berny Smith
    Garry & Sharlene Higginson
    Maryanne Garrett
    Ernest & Margo Carlson
    Dave & Joanne Dowdeswell
    Janelle Desautels & Ashley Coulter
    Sharon Hilmoe & Arnold Scansen
    Murray & Teresa Heron
    Della Hadden & Gary Saunders
    Kelly & Tracey Gossard
    Noreen Wilden Thorburn
    Terese Bedard
    Gene & Denise Andreas
    Betty Goddard
    Joyce Horst
    Colleen Carleton
    Lorne and Judy Purdy
    Hank and Marilyn Buck
    Jim and Nancy Moen
    Brian Weedon
    Page Newton
    Halvorson Brothers
    Michael Korven
    Bob and Anita Johnson
    Doug and Sue Kennedy
    Robert and Tanis Fahselt
    Sharlene and David Lindstrom
    William Karwandy
    Valerie Hvidston
    Joseph & Joyce Starkey
    Barry & Lorie Tait
    Faye Mitchell
    Noreen & Barry Schnuth
    Doreen Dokken
    David & Dalice Abraham
    Barrie & Maureen Reid
    Don & Charlaine Avis
    Gail Fontaine & Family

We would also thank to extend our appreciation to Wes Scheelhaase for mowing grass at the cemetery.

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