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Local Sights

A drive in the country is still something special around Cabri. Nearby sites include the Great Sand Hills, the scenic South Saskatchewan River, teepee rings, buffalo rubbing stone, archaeological digs and much more. Note as well, throughout the area, the heavy clay soil that is Cabri’s famous ‘gumbo’.

Visit Boggy Lake, a man-made ‘duck hotel’ that provides a natural nesting and staging area for water fowl.

Take time to enjoy the waving wheat fields and the spectacular sight from the top of Cator Hill. It offers an endless horizon and an expansive prairie view of the flat and fertile checkerboard farmlands that stretch north of Cabri to the South Saskatchewan River.

To the southeast, you will find the oilfields and to the west is the TransCanada Compressor Station. A new addition to the area is the gas field development.

Enjoy a walk through the river hills. The air is fresh and clean and you can see many different kinds of birds and animals in their natural habitats. There is also a colourful variety of prairie grasses, wildflowers, wildberries, cactus, trees and bushes.

Wherever you go, watch for wildlife. Our area is renowned for its plentiful game: pronghorn antelope, mule and whitetail deer, partridge and migratory birds. Cabri is located in the heart of the North American Flyway so it’s no surprise to see a variety of waterfowl here including lesser and greater Canada geese, white fronts and Ross geese and as many as 20 different species of ducks.


Thank you to Marnet Duthie and Jane Johnston for the beautiful photos!  If you have any pictures you would like to submit, send them to!

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