Sask Lottery Funding

Did you know there may be funding available to your community group or organization??  Sask Lotteries allocates a portion of all lottery ticket sales to communities on a per capita basis for various projects and activities.  The RMs of Riverside and Miry Creek also receive these funds for their municipalities and allocate a portion of them to the Summer Recreation Development Committee.

Examples of where these funds have been applied in the past are Cabri Minor Hockey, Cabri Minor Ball, and Cabri Seniors Centre.  These funds have also been used to purchase soccer balls and pylons for a rec soccer club as well as to put on wakeboarding and canoe clinics at Cabri Regional Park.

These funds must be allocated by March 31 every year so please get your applications in ASAP!!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Janelle Anderson at 306-587-3078.


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