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Cabri Union Hospital Auxiliary

Cabri Union Hospital Auxiliary

Cabri Union Hospital Auxiliary WELCOMES YOU!

The Auxiliary meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month from Sept to June in the Prairie Health Care Centre.

The Cabri Union Hospital Auxiliary has been in existence in various forms since June 1930! Those early members represented geographical areas that were served by the hospital. In 1989 they became affiliated with the Saskatchewan Health-Care Auxiliaries Association. This gives us access to information about current trends in Healthcare as well as sharing other organization’s experiences from around the Province.

In 1991 a new facility was opened and renamed The Prairie Health Care Centre. In 1993 the Auxiliary received the designation of a Registered Charity and this has allowed for us to issue receipts for Tax purposes.

The purposes and objectives of the Auxiliary are:
• To purchase equipment, furnishing and supplies, and to give volunteer services to the Prairie Health Care Centre, in order to enhance the quality of life for long term residents and to provide comforts to acute/palliative care patients.
• To foster good relations between the Health Care Centre and the public.
• To provide for education of members and the community in matters of Health Care and health care issues.
• To provide a yearly Scholarship to a graduating student from Cabri or the surrounding area seeking a career in Health Sciences
• To assist the Board and Staff of the Health Care Centre as requested, both financially and through volunteer work.
• Any profit to be used solely to promote the objectives, with no financial benefit to members.


Currently we have 50 members and helpers. During the year 2009-2010, between us we contributed 921 + volunteer hours. These might include Meals-On-Wheels distribution, joining in resident’s birthdays [particularly those without local families] and celebrations, catering for functions within the town as well as at the centre. Hospital transport to the Regional Centre for Dialysis patients is another important contribution we can give to the community. Naturally, we hugely enjoy all these elements as well as the fundraising activities that occur during the year.

During the year we contributed over $15,000 to our facility to include:

Wireless surround sound for the big screen TV in the activity Dept

Two remote control recliner chairs

Totes for home-care nurses to carry equipment when making house calls

Digital scale for workshops and wellness clinics

DVDs and simulator for RNs to keep up clinical skills

TV FOR palliative care room

Exercise equipment for staff to maintain fitness

Lap-top computer for physician to access patient records from the clinic when using Out Patient or Emergency Treatment Room at the Centre

Large Ice Machine

Pediatric bag for Ambulance

$1,000.00 donation towards Digital Mammography machine at Regional Hospital

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